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Clan Sullivan

Clan Sullivan


Mis Mawrth!

Mae fy daffodiliau blodeuo ar gyfer Dydd Gŵyl Dewi! Abe wedi fy helpu i blannu daffodiliau hyn agos i’r sgubor pan oedd yn fachgen bach, felly eu bod yn arbennig i mi.

Yr wythnos gyntaf mis Mawrth.

Gwneud Miriam y pedair lluniau o Emily a Jake yn cael'n giwt! Emily dressed herself in this and my camera was handy but I was on my way to the reading room, so I handed my camera to Miriam who took some pics. Not to be outdone, Jake decided to be adorable with a hat that was handy!

My only contribution was to use them to practice with Lightroom! With subjects like these, ya can't go wrong! :)

Yr ydym wedi cael lwc ddrwg gyda marcwyr ardd. Susie yn ceisio syniad gwelodd ar Pinterest.

Mae'r marcwyr yn cael eu gorffen ac yn barod ar gyfer yr ardd! Always optimistic, Susie made what we hope will be gardens markers able to last all the way through the summer without the words washing off. She painted the plant names on with acrylic paints.

Emily yn helpu Ewythr Sean hedfan awyren!

The airplane was actually zipping by very quickly, but in this shot it looks like it's just dangling there! :D

Ruth took this picture, I think.

Dim ond llun celf. This tree was blooming at Thomas' house when I went to use his laundry machines, but I didn't have my camera. I took it with me a few days later when we went to show his house to Jane, and the blooms were getting past their prime. Ah, well...

Daffodidiau yng nghartref Thomas.

Another picture of the daffodils at Thomas' house. His garden looks better than mine right now....

Jane was able to come for the weekend, so we were able to meet her! Technically we have met her before, but the first time was at Shyanne's wedding, where the activities involved made the many people we met that day all blur into oblivion in my mind, and once at the Highland Games in Portland, where the introduction was made immediately before the "massing of the pipes" and drowned in the ensuing noise. :D We enjoyed having her down very much!

Mae hi'n ferch neis iawn!


What follows are a few pictures taken at the almost weekly Sunday Football Game, a sport much enjoyed by all participants, especially on pleasant, sunny days!

Tammy a Joe yn paratoi.

Abe taflu’r bêl!

I don't know if anyone actually caught the ball! :D

The formation on the left is one of Irish-American invention, and is known locally as "stacking". It serves no real purpose. :)

This maneuver, created during the American Civil War, is known as the "charge". The NFL should take note.

Sunday Backyard Football can be pretty intense! :D

Mae llawer gweithredu!!

Gall Abe yn rhedeg yn ddigon clou?

Tammy a Ruth!

Shelly is actually one of the star players, but she is temporarily on the sidelines for a very good reason! :)

Gwneud Modryb Tammy goron o llygad y dydd ar gyfer Mary! Miriam took better pictures of Mary and her daisy crown, but she came in after Tammy had made it for her and said, "Take a picture of me and my flower crown, Nainy!" How could I resist? :)

Taking Tucker's 3-month-old baby pictures!

The photographer having a chat with her subject...

Tucker! A picture I took over the real photographer's shoulder, hence a little blurry! :D

McNab a'i bachgen! This is Fyfa McNab, the sister of my Bryce McNab.

Bryce (a.k.a. Bonehead) and her "squirrel"!

Ffermwr bach!!! Jeepa, being adorable!

Happy boys!

Susannah yn hardd!!

The Alsea 5K Trail Run!! Our very first 5K!

Cyn y ras! Susannah, Amber, fi, a Siobhan! Mae'n bwrw glaw drwy'r bore, ond roedd yn llawer o hwyl!

Siobhan a fi hil-cerdded am fod gynnym pengliniau drwg.

Charlie yn aros gyda'r plant bach.

Enillodd Susannah!!

Amber croesi'r llinell derfyn!! 

(The camera had been knocked to "manual focus" and we didn't know...)

Team Gimp!

Rydym yn gwneud hynny!! Hapus iawn!!

I am going to post in English for a little while, due to some family members being Up North and others being Down South...

Bobby, Sean, and Abe have really been progressing with their aluminum forge! From the blobs they made when they began sand casting aluminum last summer, they now cast parts for RC cars.

Sean says this is the worst one they did...

This is a shock tower for an RC car!

They even made a cup, something they have been trying to do for months!

Bobby enjoying his home-casted cup!

Sean getting helium!

This gadget fires golf balls far into the field for Bryce McNab to chase!

Ready to launch!

We finally had clear weather and a working lawnmower at the same time!

Tam and I went up to Nan's whilst baby Levi was in the hospital.

Mae'r Tammy yn darllen at y bachgen.

All the following pictures were taken with a cell phone, hence the grainy quality...

Teddy and his new airplane!!

Uncle Sean and Uncle Abe flying RC airplanes for Teddy and Day!

Teds and Day!

Joe, Sean, and Abe after an airsoft game!

Happy Easter down south! ...

... and Happy Easter up north!

The car broke down when were were most the way down to visit Aunt Bon and cousins...

The old fashioned way to get chicken feed! Or at least, kinda old-fashioned! Teds was a great wagon puller!

Good morning!!