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Clan Sullivan

Clan Sullivan

May 2015

I am so far behind in EVERYTHING that I shall put here the pictures I have taken in May, with very little commentary, in English or in Welsh...

I love it when the lilacs bloom! James picked me a bouquet.

Mary also picked a few!



One day, we visited Aunt Shannon and the cousins:


We took a field trip to the Columbia Gorge to see evidence of both the global and the Missoula floods!

It was a very pretty day!

Ready to look for rocks!

Gaffer, Teds, and Day looking at a lava flow that had cooled under water.

Our field trip guide was a geologist who knew his subject backward and forward!

Picnic lunch halfway through the field trip...

Jeekie found a rock!

At the end of the field trip, we got ice cream!


Softball season begins!!

Abe is too young to play on either the men's or the co-ed team, which is a crying shame, because from what everyone tells me, he is one of the best players they have!

A fan!

The Team!

The ladies on the team!


Sean's Birthday!

...which is actually in April, but we didn't have a chance to celebrate it til May...

Birthday breakfast!

Everybody enjoying birthday ice cream!


Jane and Thomas on the flight down from Washington. Joseph flew them!

Shelly and Ronan!


The Florence 5K Rhody Run!

May 16th

"Warming up" before the race...

And they're off! (Tammy and Susie on the right)

Susie, Ruth, and Tammy crossing the finish line!

Me crossing the finish line! Elissa and I did the race together, which was terrific fun!

Tammy and Susie!

After the 5K, we saw a couple of the sights in Florence!


RC Airplanes !!

A few finishing touches...

Air traffic control officer!

Meanwhile, what the spectators were up to...

"I believe I can fly!..."

Staff photographers were everywhere!

Tickle fight!


And back to the ball field!

One of the start players!!

Liam making a "nest" for his softballs!


The Hero Half! 8K and Half Marathon

ALL proceeds went to benefit Veterans! I really enjoyed this race! (Though I went into it with a very uncooperative knee and foot...)

Susie crossing the finish line!! She did the half marathon, 13.1 miles!

Me coming up on the finish line... I was actually having more fun then this makes it seem!

I was very bummed not to get a picture of Tammy crossing the finish line! She did the 8K at 8:33 mm! I would also have liked a photo of the three of us together, but that will be as it may..


Bobby, Sean, and Abe made a pulse jet...


And it works!!


McNab sisters Bryce and Fyfa, presented here because they are boneheads alike and because they look and act so much alike!

(Also, because I think they are very pretty McNabs!)

McNabs: Keeping It Dorky! :)

Bryce and Fyfa


The Amazingly Fun Camp Out!

From our house, Just Joe, Sean, and Abe went, but many kith and kin were also there!

Joe took most of these pics...

At the Party Bus! :)

Ems went for a ride with Gaffer!

Charlie and Emily!

Meanwhile, back at the camp...

Shannon has no idea this went on...  :)

Time for target practice!


Bobby ready to ride!!

Sean, Bobby, and Abe

Eastern Oregon!