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Clan Sullivan

Clan Sullivan


Beth digwyddodd i Mis Gorffenaf?!?

Softball continued with a game almost every Sunday afternoon!

Spectators :)

Doing a little touch-up painting...

Willamette Mission Civil War Reenactment

It got up over 100 F at this reenactment, but we had a lot of fun!

Abraham made a very nifty little hot-dog cooker with a hinged lid, which we used the evening we set up!

Teddy, Day, and Jeeks came with us and were great little campers! We took them down to the river to cool off before bedtime.

Jeeks looking for breakfast :)

Teds with the Uncles!

Youngest drummer in the Regiment!


Miriam and Jeeks


Captain Joe! :)



Cooling off!

Playing town ball on the side!

Home Sweet Temporary Home!

Back at the "dug out"! :)

Susannah's birthday breakfast!

The Alyrica float in the Philomath parade -- Emily looking pretty!

Some of Alyrica's Geeks!

Friendlier Internet! :D

Tam and a very fancy blackberry pie she baked!

Tammy's birthday breakfast!

Teds and Day in the front yard...

Chehalis Civil War Reenactment

The 4th U.S. presenting teeth! :D

Our camp!

We lost Sean and Abe! (Multiple times!)

Sean in mid-death! He did some pretty good glory-dies!

Fierce fighting!

The dance was just outside our fly!

Teds and Gaffer!