Clan Sullivan


16 Ionawr 2015

Blwyddyn hwn, mae tair goliau bach gyda fi. Mae Miriam wedi gwnaed blog hwn i fi fel bod i fi gallu ysgrifennu am fi cynnydd, hefyd am bywyd dyddiol!

Fy goliau:


1. Dysgu sut i canu’r banjo. Dw i wedi bod trio er mis Mai diwethaf, ond dw i ddim wedi bod yn hapus gyda’r sŵn dw i’n gwnaed. Dw i’n moyn canu caneuon gyda fi banjo. Dw i’n moyn dysgu canu gwerin.


2. Dw i’n moyn rhedeg yn y Tri For Life, triathlon bach. Mae rhaid i fi ymarfer  beic, rhedeg, ac nofio. Mewn triathlon bach, mae rhaid cystadleuwyr beic 13 milltiroedd, rhedeg 5 kilometrau, nofio 500 metrau. Dw i wedi bod trio rhedeg, ond fy penliniau ddim gallu wnaed e! Felly, dw i’n cerdded cyflymder nawr.


3. Dw i’n moyn dysgu sut ysgrifennu a darllen yn Cymraeg. Mae fy ffrind Alison yn moyn ymarfer Cymraeg hefyd. Mae hi yn mynd yn helpu fi. Byddwn yn darllen Welsh In Three Months gyda’n gilydd. Fe fydda i dechrau gyda cwrs 1: mutations!! Mae fy Gymraeg ddim yn da nawr, ond dw i’n gobeithio ymarfer yma.

                                                                                                                               Tan yfori!

January 27th

Look at that! The 27th, for Pete's sake!! How is it possible to be derailed so soon? Well, picking myself up, dusting off, and trying again...

What happened last week was, we caught one of the three bugs currently going 'round the valley. Amazing how many things did NOT get done last week because of it! Yesterday I managed to dig out of some of the backlog, but I have a slight fear that no sooner will I get “caught up” then we'll catch one of the OTHER bugs going round and everything will pile up again. How I hope not!

I was going to write everything in Welsh as a mental exercise, but there were hefty complaints from relatives who can't read Welsh. Upon reflection, too, I realize that my Welsh isn't good enough to try and write everything, at least not with only 24 hours in a day, so I thought I'd try mixing it up a bit, some things yn y Saesneg, some things (more simple sentences) in Welsh.

How go the three goals?

The Triathlon: Despite everything, Susie and I managed our run days last week. I am still trying to learn how to “race walk” until things heal up, but I can't seem to get the thing down. Last week I did lousy 15:30 minute miles. I have a new book, (I say new, but it's copyrighted 1998) entitled Walking Fast, by Therese Iknoian. I hope to read the chapter on Walking Technique today, but probably won't be able to until Susie and I get back from our walk.

Banjo: I can't figure out why some days I have no problem, and other days I can't seem to make anything go right! Despite sounding horrible while playing on Sunday, Thomas told me that a day or two prior to that I had been sounding “really good”. That's the first time anyone has said I sounded good! Hope! I am going to try and figure out how to record and start putting learned songs, such as they are, here.

Welsh: Total derail, thanks to the buggaboo. (Alison, if you read this, mae'n ddrwg da fi!) I plan to memorize that chapter on Mutations this afternoon. Also, hope to come up with Welsh sentences about the pics!


                                                     Y dym yn mynd i'r wal ddringo. Roedd gan y bechgyn yn llawer o hwyl!!


                                                                           Ar ol un o'n gemau pel-droed Dydd Sul!! Llawer o fwd!

31 Ionawr... Mynd bowlio!! Gyda Joe, Tammy, a Miriam.


                                                                        We weren't very good at bowling, but we had a lot of fun!

                                                                                             Tammy bowlio llawchwith.


                                                                          It looks like it ought to get a strike, but inevitably the ball would veer off

                                                                               at the last minute! Our scores were pretty sad, but it didn't dampen

                                                                                                             our enjoyment at all!

                                                                                                   Ydym yn mwynhau ein hunain yn iawn!


                                                                                            Joe -- Mae fy ngŵr a fy ffrind!

Gwneud gwaith maes.


                                                                                                                       Joe defnyddio tractor Kevin.


                                                                                                                             Mae'n tractor bach neis iawn!