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Clan Sullivan

Clan Sullivan


Mis Ebrill

I'll post pics without practicing Welsh until everyone is back home. :)


First week; at Nan's

Uncle Sean and Uncle Abe came out to Nan's after meeting Levi, and flew RC planes for Teds and Day!

Weird artsy angle...

Can't see the airplane very well, but it's coming in...

Jeeka wanted to fly! :)

Fyfa trying to catch the airplane!

"Gaffer" Joe and Jeeka!

Sean and Teddy

Joe brought me flowers!!



On the 11th of April, Susie and I ran in the 5K! Well, Susie ran; I fast-walked...

Susannah crossing the finish line. She came in FIRST for women over all!!

Me crossing the finish. I followed ROTC the whole way! :D

Susie got a trophy!!


Emily the artist! :)


Sunday Afternoon Backyard Softball!!

Henry up to bat!


Jane going to First Base!

Amber up to bat!

Thomas up to bat...

Jake plays softball, too! :)

Outfielder! :D


Tammy made this to keep track of goals and Bible verses!



At the Albany Motor Cross Park

April 18

Sean and Abe, all clean and ready to run!

"Team Slick"! :D

Pre-race! Tammy, Miriam, Susie, and Sean

Having a picnic breakfast while waiting for the race to start. :)

Checking out the course

Henry and Ruth!

Pre-race massage! :D

The Starting Line!!

I shall refrain from much commentary on the rest of these! :D

This is one of my favorite pictures from the mud run! :D

This is my VERY favorite picture from the mud run!! :D

Did it!! :D

Team "Lady Shadows"!